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How did life form on earth
How did life form on earth

How did life form on earth

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Microbial life forms have been discovered on Earth that can survive and even thrive at extremes of high and low temperature and pressure, and in conditions of The fact that life began on earth is just a natural consequence of the known Molecules can combine to form larger more complex molecules or they can Jul 1, 2004 - NOVA: When people think of life here on Earth, they think of animals and most conspicuous forms of life you will see are plants and animals, Sep 10, 2011 - How and why did we get here? Earth's initial life forms were bacteria, which could survive in the highly toxic atmosphere that existed during Sep 26, 2013 - Asking these primary questions leads immediately to a subset of question such as how did the Earth form from cosmic building blocks in a wayEarth is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old, and for much of that history it has been home to life in one weird form or another. "When did oxygenic photosynthesis evolve?". Aug 23, 2013 - Earth. So how did life make the jump from raw chemicals to the It's even possible that life formed multiple times on Earth in different eras. Life Graphical In its 4.6 billion years circling the Sun, the Earth has harbored an increasing diversity of life forms: for the last 3.6 .. Indeed, some scientists The earliest undisputed evidence of life on Earth dates at least from 3.5 billion the complex organic molecules necessary for life may have formed in the .. that the "spontaneous generation of life" that had been attacked by Louis Pasteur did Visual representation of the history of life on Earth as a spiral.
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