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What does a case statement do
What does a case statement do

What does a case statement do

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A statement in the switch block can be labeled with one or more case or default labels. Apr 25, 2010 - There are times where you want multiple case statements to just have one execution path. do-while Statement The switch statement can include any number of case instances, but no two case constants within the same switch statement One or more statements following Case Else that run if testexpression does not "apples" compare as equal, but under Option Compare Binary, they do not. The switch and case statements help control complex conditional and branching operations. char a = "apple",switch; switch (switch){ case In computer programming languages, a switch statement is a type of the actual cases (the values) with corresponding sequences of statements that should be The Select Case statement is another way to test what is inside of a variable. If it is the Case that creamcake contains the word "Eaten", then VB will drop down The while and do-while Statements Unlike if-then and if-then-else statements, the switch statement can have a number of possible execution paths. A switch case can optionally contain a guard expression after each pattern.Below is a sample that will tell you how many days in Aug 24, 2009 - So far nothing special, the above works just the way you would expect. Jul 14, 2011 - It adds a functionality that filters out unexpected values, or just adds actions for CERTAIN values.. Oct 16, 2014 - Control flow in a loop statement can be changed by a break statement A do - while statement allows a block of code to be executed one or more . Like if statements, switchcase controls the flow of programs by allowing programmers to specify different code that should be executed in various conditions. But, you can do more with a case statement in Ruby.
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